Home Remedies Acne Anxiety and Anorexia

Home Remedies: Acne, Anxiety and Anorexia

The use of these simple remedies can help relieve some of the annoyances that plague us every day and provide a holistic alternative solution to our little health problems.


Acne is a chronic skin condition wherein blackheads and pustules appear on the skin surface of the face and other parts of the body such as the back and chest. It is a malfunction of the sebaceous glands. These glands normally produce sebum that keeps the skin soft, supple and elastic. When the exit of the sebum is blocked, the dead cells that form the blockage become black resulting in the blackheads. If the base of the blocked gland becomes infected, a reddening and inflammation of the spot may develop. Acne is very common among those in puberty because of the changes in hormonal activity during that time. If acne becomes severe and remains untreated, it could leave scars and pockmarks that can be very hard to treat.

The traditional remedies for acne use various herbs in a facial steam. One of these is a mixture of chickweed, elderflower and marigold which are used in equal parts. Thought to be curative also is agrimony which is applied externally. Another cure involves spreading sulphur ointment over the spot. There are a lot of abrasive substances to remove blackheads on sale nowadays but an old trick is applying a watch key over the unwanted blackhead and pressing.

Although a lot of people still squeeze out their blackheads, it is best not to squeeze the infected ones. In fact, this makes it worse. Diet is said to be a factor in the development of acne, although many experts feel that there is no evidence for this. Generally, aperients ere recommended.

Another cure for acne involves mixing two ounces of clover flowers, two ounces of nettle tops and two ounces of comfrey flowers with four pints of boiling water. Simmer this until the mixture is reduced to only two pints. A wineglass of the mixture is to be taken every three hours.

Inflammation of the Adenoids

The fleshy growths at the back of the nose are called adenoids. Where they become inflamed or enlarged, a very common home remedy is to mix up a solution of salt and water and sniff it up the nose. This could prove to be uncomfortable.

Alternatively, a simple solution of warm water and one teaspoonful of salt is gargled. This solution is also used for sore throats.


Everybody feels a little anxious about something sometimes. This is normal, but when the anxiety slowly builds up, this can take a very big toll on the body. There are a lot of herbs with a noted calming effect on the nerves. These herbs are chamomile, balm, cloves, catnip, lavender, hops, lime flowers and passa flora as well as orange blossom, skullcap, thyme, valerian, vervain and wood betony.

Anorexia or Lack of Appetite

The fundamental definition of anorexia is simply the loss of appetite. One of the more common traditional treatments of anorexia is mixing a drink made from a handful of the seeds of caraway and hops. This is especially recommended for the loss of appetite following a serious debilitating illness. Other remedies include angelica, barley, carrots and watercress because they are thought to stimulate the appetite. Herbs that encourage eating and are considered to be appetite stimulants are chamomile, sage, thyme, lavender, tarragon, yarrow, marjoram, hawthorn, myrrh, gentian, wormwood, hops and centaury. Horseradish is also a very good appetite stimulant.

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